Thursday, July 5, 2012

What our Fourth Looked Like...

How was everyones fourth?

Ours was pretty fab.
On Tuesday night we hit up the Sturtevant fireworks. 
They are smaller than Racines and we go every year.
They always have my favorite thing in the world - walking tacos.
Take a fritos bag, rip it open and pile on sour cream, taco meat, cheese, veggies, and you are good to go. Seriously, I wait all year for these.
I also treated myself to a yummy Mikes.
 I let myself have one every few months, and let me tell you - these make watching fireworks in over 100 degree weather, just a tad more enjoyable.
Such a great dinner.

 Before the fireworks, there was an awesome band playing.
Thats my little hunny up there in the turquoise shirt!
Elle is the best dancer - anytime she hears music playing this girl has to move.

Sno-cones made the heat melt away if only for a few minutes!

My beauty loving the parade!

Then on the 4th we spent the day with my all-time favs -
my sister in law Ashley
my nieces Audriana and Marciella.
We watched the parade along with a bunch of people from my church -
they were so hospitable and juice boxes, food, water and suckers were in abundance!!
((Thank you so much, Andy and Liz!!))

We all had a great lunch and then went to the Racine fireworks later on,
along with my nephew Landon, his daddy Zach and our cousin Ariel.

I love it that Ash and I each have two girls so close in age.
Can you tell who are the sisters here?
((This picture would be adorbs if Audri didn't look like she is going to kill someone!!

We always go to the fireworks twice - kinda like our little family tradition.
The fourth is my favorite holiday -
lots of memories and its also very romantic to hold someone you love under the fireworks.

Missed my hunny something fierce last night.

But I had my girls to cuddle and kiss, filling some of that void.

Thankful for them and for sister in laws who can also be a great shoulder to cry on when you need it.

Anyways, thats what our fourth looked like.
What did your fourth look like?


(yup-thats sweat! my little beauty was hot! but we were troopers!!) :)


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