Tuesday, August 7, 2012

20 Things I'll do Before I'm 30

In 2 days, I'm turning 27.
I'm not one of those "oh, life is amazing, look I'm getting older, lets embrace the older,
yada yada yada..."
I'm one who watches the calendar all year, hating the greedy day that steals my years. I am not a good birthday person, and I guess it's time to admit it.
((Heres a snapshot on how much I convince myself I'm not getting older- when I was delivering Rielynn the nurse asked me my age and I responded without skipping a beat- 23.
Well, I was actually 24 and had been for a half year. I lost track of my age and forgot I was 24 for a few months and so when my mom heard me tell the nurses this she said
 "wait....Emily you are NOT 23!"
  I felt like I had just lost another year right then. ))
Can I admit something? I don't want to be 27. Or 30. Or 32. Or 37. Or 45.
I want to stay 26 forever.

But, since I can't -
Heres my list.
20 things I want to do by age 30.

1. have a cute bedroom

2. go sky-diving

3. spend a weekend at a bed and breakfast

4. run (another) half-marathon

5. sing in public again

6. take the kids on a plane.
(cant believe they've never flown on a plane!)

7. attend a blogger conference

8. take the kids to Devils Lake

9. ride a horse on a beach

10. renew my vows

11. do a vintage Mad Men styled B+W photo shoot with hubby

12. take girls to Disney Land

13. have a road-trip with the kids

14. swim in the ocean (again)

15. visit Cali

16. learn how to paint

17. cook every item in The Pioneer Woman cookbook

18. skinny dip

19. learn how to do lots of fun braids

20. get a book deal

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  1. I am 23, but I'm kind of starting to feel this way, too! Love your list, though! I would love to do all of those things as well!