Monday, August 13, 2012

my 12.99 adorable thrifted outfit

I did the color run back in april - a super fun 5K where
they throw colored powder on you as you race.

However, i still have a huge pink streak in my hair since the run!
Um...yes - I have washed my hair multiple times since then, thank you -
but so weird that this pink will not wash out!


went thrifting this weekend and got the best deals!

I got 3 pairs of designer jeans (brands - Gap, BKE and Hollister) for 4.99 each

and I got a super cute grey Daytrip shirt ... (daytrip and BKE are both Buckle brands, and the brand

BKE's jeans run around 80.00-150.00 at Buckle. So I was pretty stoked!)

I also found these adorb ballet flats for 4.99

Heres the outfit I put together -

p.s. this is what happens when your 5 year old takes pictures for you...

yup - i am the headless woman. thanks elle.

by the way, the entire reason I went to the thrift store is because my mom had been there
earlier and told me about a set of 3 vintage pyrex bowls in orange, blue and yellow that she

for 2.00 apiece!

Literally within minutes of her telling me this I was on my way to the thrift store,
searched high and low for them but someone obviously got to them before me.

Note to my mom, I know you read my blog -
I'm not speaking to you until you find another awesome vintage deal for me.
One that you don't leave in the store,
just kidding, by the way.


On a side note,
my lil brother is 19 years old today.
Holy crap.

On another side note, I had the best birthday ever!
Can I just brag a moment on my friends-

Seriously! flower deliveries, gift cards to Target and Childrens Place (so my kids
can buy something new, too!!) and Applebees, dilly beans,
out to eat three times this week with friends,
a new watch, Victorias Secret jammies - comfy ones, not sexy ones -
that pretty much sums up these last few days.

I am so thankful to God for 27 years of life
and I have a LOT to look forward to this coming year!

now that i am 27, i think i should start wearing lipstick.
These days can not fly by fast enough for me right now...
Spring 2013 will be epic.

up to my ears in bouquets -
i love my life.

happy monday yo!
hope you've been inspired to do a little thrifting!


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  1. Every month the local thrift store has $2 bag days on weeks with the 15th in them. That's this week! Woohoo! Love the outfit you came up with.

    Et tu, tutu?