Thursday, August 30, 2012

finding inspiration in the ordinary...

this is roughly 4 yards - enough for about 2 bouquets.
i go through about 10-20 yards of cotton a week depending on business.

glue gun and glue sticks!
ain't glamourous - but this thing makes the magic happen!

these make everything pretty.

dupioni silk!
this is about a yard.
i go through 1-2 yards of this silk a week...
i use it to make most of my garters.

my laptop!
this baby is my assistant, thats for sure.
i would be lost without my laptop (duh) since i run an
internet business.
i also rely on it heavily for netflix and revive our hearts, my favorite radio series!

look what a little cotton,
pearls and glue can make -

all this beauty!

- -
surround yourself with beauty.
you do not have to be rich or have alot of things to make a beautiful life.
on the contrary,
sometimes the less you have to work with
the more creative you will become.

 go out of your box.
inspire someone.
get creative.

reach for your dreams
dont hold back.
dont let your circumstances define you.

every one has a hard story.
every one has a past.
every one has limitations.

i have them too.
we all do.
throw them out the window,
and get on with it.

i am inspired by fabric.
yup -
plain old silly fabric.

so what inspires you?


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