Monday, August 20, 2012

wedding consultation by Emily of Ellarye Boutique

I am working on a little idea that has been brewing in my head for awhile now.

There are so many brides I talk to who tell me they are so overwhelmed once they get engaged.

Spend about 5 minutes on Pinterest or on a major wedding blog and you will understand exactly what she means.

You get engaged, you are in love and so happy...and then you have a wedding to plan.

A massive, huge, major event...

and it's expected to be beautiful and great, with lots of personal details and style...

Um...but what if you have a job?

or kids?

or a life outside of wedding planning?

What if you are just not creatively-minded?

What if you want all of the beautiful things for your wedding but you don't even know what the beautiful things are, or where to start looking and planning?

What if you would love a wedding planner but its just not in the budget?

Thats where I come in.

We set up a skype interview where you, your fiance and I can sit down and talk. Its a brainstorming session ... where we can all discuss the direction your wedding is going to take. You don't have to come into this session with anything prepared, just some ideas and the date and locale of your wedding picked.

After this session I do my work, providing you with a beautiful online portfolio stuffed full with all of the ideas in one place for you to then begin using to plan your wedding.

I'll find affordable venues in your area.

I'll find caterers and bakeries in your area.

I'll provide you with a selection of bridesmaid dress ideas, ceremony ideas, style ideas, menu ideas, reception ideas, and color scheme based on our conversation.

If I provide you with a DIY I'll also provide you with "supply" lists...and then show you where suppliers, wholesalers and designers like me shop (online) so that you can get awesome deals on your supplies.

The best part?

I have already formed relationships with alot of wedding bloggers and wedding industry providers, and I will use those connections :)
You can then use all of my legwork to plan the wedding of your dreams...

With the "idea" stage completed by me, now you can focus on completing the details.

I'll be taking 2 brides per month, so email me at to get started on your quote.

Quotes are variable and will differ on the package you chose, so email me today to start!

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