Friday, September 14, 2012

Lasts - a "lately" post

Last song heard - Drops of Jupiter by Train ... one of the best songs of all time.

Last movie watched ... Legends of the Fall...both my husbands and my favorite movie. I actually told Chad last night that he should grow his hair long like Tristan ... haha! But in all honesty, it's no secret that we dream about and REALLY want to move up north somewhere as soon as we can...get a little cabin in the woods, live off the land,raise our kids in the wild fresh air, fish and live like pioneers. thats the dream, anyway. ;) and we talk about it alllll.theeeee.timeeee.

Last yummy meal eaten ... Applebees with Heather for lunch yesterday ... delicious steak and portobello mushroom (for only 550 calories!!)

Last random thought you remember having ... this morning as I got gas I thought to myself - does anyone actually buy the premium or plus gas? really?

Last accomplishment ... well, I'm 3 weeks today on my healthy eating plan and I feel amazing! I feel really optimistic about it and my clothes are already fitting better...isn't it amazing the confidence you can gain in 3 weeks?

Last verse read ... I read John 12 this morning, so that whole chapter :)

Last item sold in my shop....
this something blue garter "The Roxy"...

Last book you read ...I'm reading "Radical...taking back your faith from the American Dream" by David Platt...finally!

Last night I wore... A blue shirt/jeans/black sweater/low heels/headband

Last picture you took ...

this one...first day of classes for fall 2012 semester...every semester my nursing degree inches closer.

Last thing that made you laugh ...the fart that almost altered my destiny. seriously, i was laughing so hard I woke up one of my kids...and then I read it to my mom and we were both crying with laughter. it is hilarious, read it here - the fart that almost altered my destiny

I also read the blog Regretsy daily, which is a hilarious blog where the author posts CRAZY stuff that people try to sell on Etsy every day. As an Etsy seller I find it amazing what people try to sell. Read with caution though, and I do not condone or agree with everything she posts :) I do however tell my mom that if I ever need a quick laugh it's the first place I turn to....because she always has me laughing.

What are you up to lately? ;)


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