Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Life Update...moving,my trip to indianananananana...

hello everyone!
(((yes, I know I spelled "Indiana" wrong in the title of this post.)))
I think everyone should spell and say Indiana that way.
I've been a little quiet on here lately -
so much is going on!
I started classes again, working towards my nursing degree.
Since I'm a momma/wife/business owner I can't go full time
but I still work hard at the classes I take each semester!
I also am looking for a place to move to...
the girls and I will be moving as soon as we can find
 and secure a nice place.
As soon as October 1st if we can swing it-
which we probably can't -
so no later than November 1st.
So I am on the apartment/duplex hunt -
I actually enjoy it...
not the stressful part waiting for your application to be "approved"
but the fun "looking at places" part.
I am going to Indiana this weekend with
a bunch of fun ladies -
for the True Woman 12 Conference.
The best part is that Nancy Leigh Demoss's team
 asked my friend Elizabeth and I to play a special little "role" at the conference.
So on this Friday morning at 7 a.m. you could pray for us.
We'll be meeting with a video crew at a hotel near the conference site
to record a little testimony.
Then it will be edited and played at the conference.
I've never done anything like this before so I don't know
what to expect - but I am incredibly excited about this whole event.
I ADORE my children,
but 3-ish days without them?
A quiet hotel room?
Hearing truth from my favorite women of God?
Hanging out with my dear friends?
Road-trippin it with one of my lifelong BFF's?
is it Thursday yet?
Good things happening.
God is faithful.
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