Saturday, October 20, 2012

who is getting married?

 so, who do you know that is getting married?
send them my way!
look what is new to shop this Saturday morning -
soo talented to work with such amazing photographers!
thank you again Vanessa Diel...
new pleated satin bridal sash in shop...
hand made sash in any color of the rainbow,
adorned with a vintage rhinestone.
click HERE to see more of it in my shop ...
oh, and by the way ...
 to my amazing, wonderful, beautiful customers
over these past 16 months -
you have brought what began as "big dreams" scratched out on some notebook paper
turn into a bigger and more beautiful reality that I could have ever guessed.
I really do appreciate each and every one of you.
You are making not only my own dreams come true,
you are making my families dreams come true too...
with every single purchase.

love you all.



  1. That is beautiful. I may have go get it just to wear around town.

  2. You made the sashes?
    They looked beautiful! Yayy for dreams being accomplished! Can I maybe ask what steps you took to accomplish those dreams!? :)