Friday, April 12, 2013

A Family and Business Update!


my husband has been home for 3 weeks and it has been the best 
3 weeks of my life.

i can't even tell you the number of times i have been doing something and just 
caught myself smiling, or had the words "i am so happy" just running in my head.
even doing the most simple family things bring me insane amounts of joy.

for example, grocery shopping, coming home and making dinner together...
putting the kids to bed, 
cuddling up on the couch to watch movies...
just experiencing these things again as a family and not as a single mom with the kids
has brought me more joy than a million dollars, a new car or any amount of worldly possessions.

i really feel like there was a piece of my heart missing for those 18 months, 
and while i kept going, being a good mom and doing fun things with the girls...
there was always a part of my joy incomplete - a part of me that was always missing chad, 
thinking how special it would be if he was doing these things with us...
and now that he is home, 
i feel 100 percent complete.
i am more in love with my husband than i thought possible...
and if you get sick of hearing me say that you should probably stop reading my blog, 
because i will be saying it lots more in the coming days!

a few instagram shots from lately...
 planning our wedding vow renewal! date is august 10th :)
 hubby loves to make me dinner!
steak tacos and chocolate cheesecake this night...

 the ladies on Easter morn!

 I started running again!
we live by the lake so this is my daily view.
I've been a runner since highschool...but its hard to run outside when you don't have a babysitter.
running=free therapy
 hubby has reconnected with his dad and they have been spending alot of time together.
here they are playing cribbage on Easter :)
 3 loves of my life
 sneak peek for you!!
this is my vow renewal inspiration.

hubby and i have a "couples" photoshoot coming up..
and it is gonna be AWESOME!
got the best idea while browsing pinterest...
can't wait for the shoot and for the pictures!

as far as the business side of things, 
i closed my shop for awhile and i am now reopened on an order to order basis.
i am going to take orders as i can, 
with my family as the first priority.

thank you for all of my amazing customers...all 1200 of you who have supported my dream!

i hope everyone is having a beautiful friday morning!




  1. I get choked up reading about you and Chad! It's just such an awesome testimony! I'm so happy for you guys and I know God has so much more for you guys in the future and this is just the beginning!! Your faithfulness to the Lord is inspiring!

  2. I can feel the joy in your words. Such a lovely post!


  3. I love your family, they just warm my heart and ....I can't even put it into words. <3

  4. So, so happy for you Em! What a blessing it is to me to read about your joy!