Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stalk my House - a living room Tour! :)

When I checked out this rental duplex back in October 2012, I instantly fell in love.
It's very small and felt so cozy... I loved the fun colors the walls were painted and
I had my heart set on renting here.
The biggest bonus - we live one block from the beach and the zoo...
so I wanted to bring a whole carefree, laid back attitude to our home.....
like a beach-side cottage 
You can decorate a tiny space and make it look inviting, warm and cozy.
When it comes to decorating -
* I don't like things matching
*I love vintage and thrifted
*I love whimsical, eclectic design
*I want the space to be inviting and warm
So...I introduce you to our sweet little living room!
next week I'll show you our kitchen.
 shag rug - Nate Berkus for Target
slip covers for couches - plain brown suede

 pillows - collected from tj maxx and target

 I made all of our wall decorations with paper from my smash books
and random frames I had laying around...
the rest is hoop art.
I collect vintage state plates, and some of these are on our living room wall too.

I love our tiny, cozy living room.
I love how eclectic it is...
and I love cozying up on the couch with my favorites to read and watch movies.
Thanks for stopping by!

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