Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wedding Inspiration: Picnic Wedding

Since I make couture bridal accessories I am in constant communication with brides and I thought it would be fun once a week to put up some of my favorite wedding inspirations for you.
Todays Wedding Theme is Picnic Wedding...enjoy!

How simply chic for a picnic wedding or any summer party...just large jugs of water (you could do one with lemons, one with strawberries, one with mangos....) add a cute hand written label and you're all set!
 I picture a bunch of these jugs all clustered together...

You know how some ideas are so simple, they're ingenuis?
How about apples as wedding favors?
Perfect for a picnic wedding!
Add a sticker to personalize them.

Burlap DIY Wedding Invites...very rusticy, picnic-y...

Who says your bridesmaids have to wear "bridesmaid dresses?"
Nothing says picnic like a simple sundress!
Give your bridemaids a color family and
have them pick out their own sundresses.
Keep the look cohesive with simple rosette headbands from Ellarye Boutique
and wildflower bouquets.

Take it up a notch with whimsical hanging lights,
beautiful linens and piles of fresh flowers.

Mason jars, colorful striped straws and bunting...
my bliss!

Next week's Wedding Inspiration: Pastel Wedding.

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