Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ten Songs That Have Changed Me..

*Disclaimer - this is a collection of the music over the last ten years that has spoken to me at different times. These days I try to listen to lots of worship music (especially when my precious and influenced-easily children are around) but late at night when I'm up working, these are the songs I turn to...some of them have been on my playlist for years now.

Why - Nichole Nordemann 
Possibly one of the most precious, beautiful songs I've ever heard. Have loved it for years.

Smells like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
The best rock song ever written.

Far From Home - Five Finger Death Punch
Don't let the name of this group scare you. Can't speak about their other music, but I love this song.

Drops of Jupitor - Train
If you knew me in highschool, you knew this was my favorite song back then and I still love it.

Jesus, Lover of my Soul (It's All About You Jesus) - Dave Fellingham with the Stoneleigh Band
I literally cannot listen to this song without tears pouring down my cheeks. This has been my personal worship anthem for the past 10 years ever since my friend Michelle gave me a c.d. with this version of the song on it. It's calmed my heart many lonely nights and been my words to Jesus when I felt like I've had no words.

Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit
Another gorgeous song. Once again, can't speak for the artists other music but this is one song I'll probably always love.

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
This song sums up everything I feel about my soulmate and husband. I feel like we were made for each other, and I feel like I would wait 1,000 years for him.

Everything in it's Right Place - Radiohead
Run, don't walk, and pick up Radiohead's "Kid A. " You'll thank me later.

Top of the World - Dixie Chicks

Numb - Linkin Park
I felt for many years like I could have written this song. I felt like too much was expected me, and I felt like I would eventually crack under the pressure. (Well...I did...) But grace and God have brought me back. Song still gives me chills. Remembering.

**Edit : How Could I forget It's Been Awhile by Staind (clean version, please...) I could listen to this on repeat for hours....sorry...I think that's 11 songs ;)


  1. Love your list! I need to make a list like this too :)

  2. What a beautiful heart and blog you have - just stumbled upon it somehow and glad I did :) I love these songs too!

    God bless :)


    1. Thank you so much Erin!
      I'll be checking our your blog now :)

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  3. Emily, yes, I remember you introducing me to Drops of Jupiter. Every time I hear that song I think you. Top of the World by Dixie Chicks is one of my favorites, too!

    1. have you heard taylor swifts versionvof drop of jupitor? so pretty!