Saturday, May 5, 2012

When Chad and I Are in our Eighties...

My husband and I have a very clear visual image of what we would like our older years
together to look like.
Maybe we're strange, but we talk about it all the time.
Today I want to share our vision with you.
Indulge me for a moment. :)

We live in a smaller, rural place in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.
Some things about our future will probably change, but I don't see this being one of them.
We both agree that our current city is not a great place to raise a family,
and it's our goal to eventually relocate.
If it wasn't for our great church and our family being here we would have already moved.

We live in a small log cabin that Chad has built with his own hands.

We have an acre or two of land, and a wide sweeping front porch.
Our house is not big but we love every inch of it.

We have a huge, beautiful garden.
It's overflowing with sun warmed vegetables
sweet fruits
blooming with wildflowers.

We have a porch swing, and we sit together every night.
We hold hands and sit in silence.
We watch the sun go down.
We sip tea out of mismatched tea cups.
We are so in love.

Every day Chad still goes to work.
He works to keep his mind busy and his body fit.
He works with his hands, something with wood.
He works hard.
well, as hard as a man in his eighties can work.

Every day I stay home and I write.
All the years of life experience provide so much inspiration.
I write a book. At least one book.
I tell my story.
I want to encourage young women.
I want to make them feel like they are not working in vain.
I want to remind them that every runny nose they wipe,
every meal they cook
and every shirt they wash
Matters to God and to their children,
even if they can't really say "thank you" yet.

I also write letters to my girls.
None of this email stuff - real letters, pen on paper.
My daughters have grown into wise, beautiful and loving women.
They have families of their own.
They love the Lord.
They are flourishing.

Every night Chad and I sleep wrapped in each others arms.
My head on his chest.
I hear his heart beating next to my ear.
I feel his warm, strong arms.
I feel protected and loved.
I lay there and listen to crickets out the window.
The breezes blow and ruffle our curtains.
I fall asleep like this, night after night.

It is a good life.



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  2. Love this!! I hope that one day you will be able to experience these wonderful ideas you have come up with! =)