Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to Turn an inexpensive wedding dress into something special

 I'm excited to show you something I've been hard at work on-
beautiful bridal sashes.
Heres the first edition to the Ellarye Boutique shop...

Comes in white or ivory dupioni...
with lace acents and a gorgeous vintage rhinestone.

Can be made in other colors for your bridesmaids as well!

If you cannot afford one of the major, blinged out wedding dresses,
consider purchasing a simple, elegant dress,
something that flatters you,
fits well and makes you feel beautiful.

Then, add a sash!
The sash adds the interest and the beauty,
turning your "inexpensive" gown into something super beautiful,
eye catching and one of a kind.

So, to turn an inexpensive wedding dress into something special,
add a sash!


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