Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the summer i fell in love + my summer happiness list

I was thinking this morning about the best summer of my life.
The summer I turned 20.
I found an old colonge bottle, totally empty, but it still carried the scent of the colonge.
It was the colonge my husband wore the summer we met and fell in love. 
It was the most memorable summer of my life.
I had never been in love like that - I had never been so obsessive, so in awe of someone.
Every day was a new adventure.
Whether we were grilling out with friends, spending the day at the pool,
cleaning the kitchen or just driving around listening to the radio - turned way, way up -
it was the most blissfully happy summer of my life.
My mom told me once, after she first met Chad-
she said,
"I thought you had chemistry with ____________ (an ex boyfriend of mine)
but that was before I'd seen you with Chad.
Your chemistry is visible to everyone around you.
It's almost dangerous."

-Yes, those are the foreshadowed words my mother spoke.
Because my relationship with Chad would not always be that blissful, innocent, fun and carefree.

But at least we have those precious memories of beautifuk and magical summer...I think of it as
my last summer of innocence.

These days, I am still carrying on a lifelong love affair with SUMMER.
Inspired by this post, I'm going to share with you my summer happiness list..

  • grilling out (especially the smells)
  • tan lines
  • beach days (who doesn't love beach days?)
  • crickets
  • fireflies, and my daughters running after them
  • mason jars full of lemonade and ice cubes
  • blueberry salads
  • fireworks
  • sunscreen smells
  • short blue jean shorts (I used to look really good in these...:)
  • polka dot bikinis
  • thrifting
  • rummage sales
  • fresh fruit
  • corn on the cob, dripping with butter
  • my children, after their baths, wearing giant t-shirts to bed (like I used to, as a kid)
  • picnics in the backyard
  • watermelon seed spitting contests
what is on your summer happiness list?



  1. Don't forget:
    The smell of clean sheets hung on the clothesline.
    New flowers blooming each week and the bees enjoying them.
    Vegetables freshly picked from the garden.
    Climbing trees
    Summer camping season
    Fry bread
    Softball, swimming, bike riding
    Catching fish and frogs
    Picnics and swingsets