Friday, October 26, 2012

{answers to the questions i get asked alot}

lately it seems like every morning I wake up to a
few emails from fellow Etsy shop owners and people who read my blog
asking me questions -
here are some of the questions I have been asked recently and my answers to them.
{It's just easier to do it like this }
What religion are you?
I'm non-demoninational, which is an uber long word to say that
I'm not religious.
I don't believe in religion-instead, I believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible.
I have a relationship with Jesus which is different than religion and following a strict set of rules.
You say you're married - so whats up with zero talk/pics of your husband?
I am 100 percent married, head over heels in love with my husband...
but he is away from our family until early spring 2013.
Thanks in advance for your understanding on this!
((i seriously live by this quote...nothing is more toxic to a marriage
than talking talking talking bad about him to others-your friends, your family, strangers...
What jobs did you have BEFORE Ellarye Boutique?
In highschool I worked and taught classes at a scrapbook store here in town.
I think that is where I really developed a love of all kinds of art and teaching
other women how to be good at crafting/art.
I also worked at GAP in my local mall all through highschool and when I moved to Chicago for college I was a sales trainer for the flagship GAP on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago ~ I trained new sales staff.
It was really fun...
After that I was a nanny for 2 years and then I waitressed and was a bartender for a few years.
Lots of jobs, lots of learning...don't regret any of it.
How old are you?
What ar the names of your kids?
Elleia Linden is 6...
Rielynn Lucia is 2.
How did you meet your husband?
The summer I was 19 I worked as a barista at Milaegers which is a local
flower shop. {oh yeah...I worked there too!! LOL!}
Every day this really cute guy would come in and give his mom (she worked there with me)
a salad for lunch. I thought it was really sweet and he really caught my eye...
but it was not until we were at a work party later that summer @ Joses's Blue Sombrero
when he showed up (his mom told him I would be there-apparently I had caught his eye too)
and we talked all night...
we were inseperable ever since.
When did you get married?
We got married on January 26th 2007...
our daughter Elleia was 5 months old at the time.
You talk a little about hard times and addictions on your blog.
Can you be more specific?
I have had many hard times and conquered a few addictions (with the help of Jesus)
in my young life...but this is not something I am comfortable with (yet)
throwing out into the world wide web...
but if you are facing an addiction...
just know this -
help is out there, and peace for your heart can be found.
Why did you start your business?
Because I loved making things, and to pay the bills.
Did you ever think it would get so big?
Well - it's not big compared to many other successful small businesses!
But I'm proud of it's growth and hope it continues!
Do you ever have a slow season in your shop?
Yup....late summer 2012 was really slow for me.
((end of wedding season))
You just have to know that every biz has slow seasons, so keep working on new product and
get your butt moving!
I'm crafty - I want to start a business!
Do it.
Whats holding you back?
Invest in good design for your shop, great photography and
learn how to "tag" your items!!!!
Do you follow a schedule/routine during the day?
How do you do it all with kids at home?
Umm...I have no clue.
We have a schedule after Elle gets home from school that looks like this -
do art
help make dinner
clean up dinner
t.v. time is okay
What are you in college for?
Although sometimes I want to switch to I can take over the world!
((just kiddin about the taking over the world part...))
What college did you go to in Chicago?
I did one year at Moody Bible so so proud that I attended the
most prestigious Christian college. :)
My major was in Urban Ministries -
I have always loved working with people of all kinds - especially the "down and out"
and that was my focus at the time.
((still is, but in a renewed sense since now I can say I have been there, too. :)
Your favorite movie?
Legends of the Fall...
Titanic :)
Your favorite book?
I am a HUGE reader and always have been....
love love love to read -
some favs are
Gone with the Wind
Drowning Ruth - read that one 8 times
Water for Elephants
and my all time favorite book? is
House of Sand and Fog.


  1. I love that quote!I also like your take on religion, it's exactly like mine. I don't need to be put into a box to show my relationship with God.

    1. I know, isn't that quote the BEST??!!

  2. I love your quote on marriage! It breaks my heart when people gossip or talk negatively about their spouse.