Tuesday, January 22, 2013

6 Year Wedding Anniversary and things I'm Currently Loving...

 5 things I am loving, currently....
1. my bedroom makeover!
I decided it was time for a change.
Got new art on the walls (chalkboard art...it is amazing!)
got new lamps, new nick-nacks for the dresser and bookshelf,
the coolest shredded rug I've ever seen,
new comforter and tons of pillows,
and new curtains.
(black and gold and white color theme.)
I would show you pictures but my phone isn't letting me upload any this morning...
so you will have to wait in anticipation ;)
2. coffee! french vanilla creamer and vanilla coffee and my
whole kitchen smells cozy and warm.
3. the current radio series on Revive our Hearts...
life changing.
4. Elle's new homeschool ballet and gym class.
Loved watching her twirl and dip and spin yesterday.
Loved watching her shyly introduce herself to new friends.
5. The movie
"Beasts of the Southern Wild."
I cannot recommend it enough...such an enchanting and beautiful
and heart breaking story.
 Can't wait for some new family and couple photos coming in March...
because the photo above continues to be my favorite picture of my husband and I
and it was taken many years ago...
after only a month or two of dating.
Speaking of my husband...we will be celebrating 6 years of marriage on
January 26th.
I can't believe we've been married that long.
We've had incredibly, incredibly hard years
and we've had good years.
I look at our relationship, at the things we have weathered and survived,
and then I think about the way I feel about this man,
and the way I know he feels about me,
and I think to myself,
literally nothing could tear us apart.
We have been through so much together
and at this point, I am absolutely convinced that there is a reason that we never
split up, or divorced, when most couples probably would have, and when
people were telling me I should have.
I am more in love with this man today than I have
ever been in my entire life...
and I am proud of that,
I don't care who knows it or sees it or reads it or what
anyone thinks about it,
because we know God is faithful.
I will love, pray for, and be excited for the changes I see in my husbands life...
I will be his number one cheerleader...
I hope the butterflies I get in my stomach when I see him never fade
(yes, after 7 years of being together I still get butterflies)
and I hope we can model a godly, loving Christian relationship for our children.
thats it.
happy tuesday, friends.

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  1. thats really beautiful and cant wait to see the bedroom pics, i have brought cushions today after the realisation that all my house is brown!!