Saturday, September 8, 2012

5 Things I Don't Really Talk About . . .

1. I am horrible at keeping in touch with the majority
of my friends and I usually don't answer my phone
when it rings,
but that doesn't mean that I don't want to talk to you.
It just means that there is usually chaos happening
around me and I don't feel like it would be
fair to you to have to hear that and
I wouldn't really be paying attention to you
((but i still love you and i hope you still love me!!!))
2. I feel things very deeply and collect memories.
I read a book when I was 12 called
The Dandelion Cottage
and the last line was -
"She shut the door of the cottage, and it was all just memory"
-sometimes I repeat that line to myself.
Yes, silly,
yes, corny,
yes, that is how I am.
I am slightly obsessed with remembering special things/days/people
and keeping memories sacred.
3.Sometimes I think I am too nice.
but, foreal.
I really do love people, encouraging them and loving them.
4. I am slightly OCD with counting and patterns.
I count things in my head constantly and
I find patterns in EVERYTHING.
I especially count traffic lights as I drive and
I usually start over at 10.
I also count beats in my head to songs on the radio.
And phone lines.
And yes, it's crazy.
And yes, I have probably carried on conversations with you
while I was counting a pattern in my head.
5. I love my husband more than
I thought I could love someone.
I'm talking faults, let-downs, the bad parts,
I love him through it all.
Sometimes I joke with my friends that
it's supernatural how much I love him.
It's kinda a joke because I think thats partially true...
I really do love him that much,
and I really don't care what anyone thinks or says about
my marriage.
I am not saying that to be rebellious or snotty -
but because, its true.
there you go, my 5 things.


happy saturday night!!

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